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Child Custody and Your Right to Information About Your Child in Charlotte, North Carolina

Charlotte North Carolina family law attorney

In child custody cases in Charlotte, North Carolina, in can happen that relationships between parents may be strained and a common symptom of a co-parenting relationship is that either one or both parents do not share adequate information about the child with one another. However, the state’s law provides protection for parents to make sure…

Unemployment Benefits in Charlotte, NC – What Are Your Rights?

Charlotte North Carolina Unemployment Benefits Lawyer

North Carolina Unemployment Compensation benefits offer individuals temporary relief provided they fulfill the eligibility requirements under North Carolina law.   Eligibility for Unemployment Benefits in Charlotte, North Carolina To receive unemployment benefits in Charlotte, you have to have earned enough money from your employer that is covered by North Carolina unemployment insurance law. Typically, wages…

Obtaining a Domestic Violence Protection Order in Charlotte, North Carolina

Charlotte North Carolina Domestic Violence Lawyer

When it comes to domestic violence law in Charlotte, North Carolina, the area includes several different charges, including harassing phone calls, cyber-stalking, assault, stalking, a violation of a domestic violence protection order, and communicating threats. But, there is a common factor among these charges, which is that the defendant and the victim must have a…

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