Wrongful Allegations And Your Teaching License

Any Complaint Can Be Serious

Teachers are held to a high standard. After all, teachers are responsible for educating our future generations. Teachers face extreme scrutiny when accused of bad behavior. When a teacher is accused of wrongdoing, their license and career may be in danger. If you are a teacher licensed in North Carolina and are accused of wrongdoing, you need to talk to a lawyer right away. Just because you know the complaints are false doesn’t mean your license and livelihood are safe. Charlotte-based attorneys Remington & Dixon are here to help protect your teaching license and your career.

High Stakes For Teachers

The stakes are higher for teachers than other professionals because they work with children. Recognize how serious these matters are and get help if you believe you are wrongfully accused of bad behavior as a teacher. Remington & Dixon, PLLC has attorneys experienced in North Carolina professional license defense cases. Let us go to bat for you.

Don’t Represent Yourself

Even false accusations can trigger an investigation. That means your employer or another institution will investigate and decide what measures to take. A false accusation can lead to real-life consequences for teachers, including losing your teaching license. Do not represent yourself in an investigation. Do not go through an investigation without a teaching license defense lawyer.

Speaking To Your Employer? Call A Lawyer For Help!

If your employer investigates, you may have to talk to them. You should not speak to them on your own unless you have to, even if the allegations are false. To find out you whether you must talk to your employer, call an experienced attorney. You should try to have an attorney present when you talk to your employer.

If an investigator or anyone from the government contacts you about the allegations: do not speak to them about the matter. Simply ask for their name and contact information. Then call an attorney for help.

Get Quality Legal Advice

Call the law offices of Remington & Dixon, Charlotte-based attorneys focused on professional license defense. We represent teachers who have been accused of improper behavior. Our attorneys will fight to protect the license you have worked so hard for.


Are consultations free?

While we offer a free consultation on traffic matters, criminal matters, and most professional license defense cases, we charge a fee for family law consultations to personalize our consultations to your specific needs. To learn about our fee structure, please get in touch.

Where can I get legal advice?

We recommend meeting with an attorney. While there is free legal help available for North Carolina residents from pro bono resources for civil matters, and public defenders for criminal cases, the best way to access tailored advice is to hire a lawyer.

Can I hire you if I’m in another state?

This is done on a case by case basis if you are involved in a family law, criminal, or professional disciplinary matter that involves another jurisdiction.



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