Nursing License Suspension – Can I Appeal?

Nursing requires a license in Charlotte, NC. But many legal issues can lead the North Carolina Board of Nursing, or NCBN to put a hold on your license. A nursing license suspension can affect your financial situation, your home life, and your long-term career goals.
But you can appeal their choice! But how can you fight when the NCBN makes it so hard to tell your side of the story?
With the help of a lawyer, you might be able to get back to work again. You put a lot of time into earning your license. Don’t let one mistake turn all of your career goals upside down, get legal help to find out about your options.

Nursing License Suspension

In Charlotte, NC there are many legal issues that can lead to a nursing license suspension. A license like this is a privilege, not a right. There is no one there to protect your right to continue your career. The NCBN will not show that you have a right to hold this license. But, you can show that the impact a nursing license suspension will have on your life.
You can appeal the board’s decision with the help of a lawyer. Too often the NC Board of Nursing will not hear from a person with a suspended license. In NC you need legal help to have your suspension lifted. The suspension can go beyond the NCBN. You have the right to have your case go through a review process.
Get help now, before your bills start to pile up and you become overwhelmed. You can get a hearing and have someone take a fair look at your side of the story. Legal help can guide you through the steps to getting your license back. If you need help, call a lawyer today.

North Carolina Board Of Nursing

The North Carolina Board of Nursing will make their decision and then close your case. You might think that you don’t have any options after they make their choice. But that is not true. The NC Board of Nursing wants you to drop the matter and wait out your suspension.
A suspension may occur because they want to punish you. The board may suspend your license because they think you are abusing drugs. The NC Board of Nursing can also suspend your license because they suspect alcohol abuse. Usually, these cases are not deeply looked into before the board makes a decision that will affect your license.
A nursing license suspension is only for a period of time. But, the nursing license suspension can lead to other issues in your career. It might be hard for you to find a job when you get your license back.

Getting An Appeal In Charlotte, NC

You can file for an appeal in NC. An appeal is the first step to fixing the bad spot you are in right now. A license appeal will let you explain that you did not deserve to have your license taken away.
Sometimes it might seem easy to say that you will just find a new job. But it is better to seek an administrative solution through an appeal. When years spent out of your field, you can lose money and your reputation. You might find that it is harder to get a job that will pay your bills. A nursing license suspension should not mean that you cannot pay your bills.
Appeals are set out under administrative law. A lawyer can start the process through the appropriate court setting for you. They can help you build your case to have a judge listen to your side. An administrative judge may have more understanding than the NCBN.

Call A Lawyer Now

In Charlotte, NC you have options to fight a nursing license suspension. Call a nursing license defense lawyer to get the help you need to keep your career on track. A suspension might mean years out of your work field.
You do not have to accept the NC Board of Nursing’s first ruling on your license. An appeal can let you explain the events that happened and why you need to retain your license. You may have options such as treatment, or probation.
Call a professional license defense lawyer Remington and Dixon in Charlotte, NC to get help now. Get in touch by phone, or online. A quick review of your case can relieve the years ahead of struggle working outside of the nursing field. File an appeal to try to keep your job.


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