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How Can A Fraud Allegation Affect My Dental License?

Regulation and Your License

Dentists are part of a highly regulated profession, just like medical doctors and nurses. Dental professionals complete rigorous education and training in order to care for the public health. For this reason, the state keeps a set of strict rules that dentists must adhere to in order to maintain their professional license. Health insurance companies also set rules that dentists must follow. When a dentist is accused of not following rules, their license is in jeopardy. Dentists facing allegations should immediately contact a professional license defense attorney right away for advice.

Accusations Matter

Fraud accusations can happen if a dentist performs unnecessary work on a patient. If a dentist performs an unnecessary procedure and then bills the patient’s insurance company for the work, suspicion of fraud may arise. This can give rise to a Board investigation of your dental practice. Performing a questionable procedure on a patient or billing for one can seem minor. After all, a dentist is supposed to treat their patients’ needs. A seasoned dentist might find themselves subject to an investigation without realizing they have done anything wrong. Determining what procedures are necessary can be subjective. Thus, investigations can come as a surprise even to the most experienced practitioner. If you face an investigation, call an attorney right away.

Investigations Happen

The North Carolina State Board of Dental Examiners investigates all allegations of dentist misconduct brought to their attention. Even seemingly minor complaints. The Board does this to make sure that patients are safe and their rights are protected. If a dentist faces a Board investigation, their license could be at risk. Any time a dentist faces an investigation, they should contact a professional license defense attorney to guide them through the process. 

Contact an Attorney Right Away

Remington & Dixon is based in Charlotte, North Carolina, but handles professional license defense cases across the state. We want to help you fight threats to your hard-earned license. Call us today for high-quality legal advice and experienced guidance with your dental license issues. We are here to help.

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