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How North Carolina Nurses Can Benefit from Professional License Defense

If you have been charged with a crime and are a nurse practicing in the state of North Carolina, did you know you could profoundly benefit from professional licensure defense? There might come a time in your career where you need to defend your professional license that allows you to work as you like and working together with a qualified and experienced professional license defense lawyer will help you protect your current and future career.

Here in this article, we are going to guide you through the professional license defense process for nurses, showing you common allegations that nurses face which may result in the need to defend their license along with what working with an experienced team of lawyers will do for your case.

Even more, we hope to answer any questions you may have about professional license defense in the instance that you or a loved one find a need for such information.

Why is Professional License Defense So Important?

The North Carolina Board of Nursing is a powerful force for the practicing nurse charged with a crime. The board governs all policies and procedures in relation to nursing as well as manages nursing credentials, including license, to make sure that all nurses practicing in the state uphold the values and ethics of what it means to be a nurse in the profession.

The North Carolina Board of Nursing was the first Board of Nursing in the United States, being founded back in 1903. Presently, it is the only state in the nation to elect nurses as a majority of their board members. Of the current board, 11 out of the 14 members have a valid nursing license through the state. 

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The board takes its licensure process very seriously as to uphold the mission, vision, and values of the board and the nursing professional itself. Therefore, the various allegations that can affect a nurse’s license are not taken lightly by the board. Maintaining proper board certification through the form of licensure is necessary to allow the professional to work as they desire in their field. Therefore, when times of uncertainty hit, such as when the professional engages in acts deemed unfit by the board which can result in the potential suspension of their license, it becomes very important for the professional to work together with trusted attorneys and lawyers to defend their license and protect their families, their jobs, and their futures.

Therefore, if you or someone you know has ever been accused of a crime or has been charged with unethical nursing practice, then the individual’s nursing license very well might be in danger. The North Carolina Board of Nursing does not take such accusations lightly as they want to maintain the high quality of nurses who are practicing in the state to ensure patients are receiving the greatest potential care as possible. That means you could potentially have your North Carolina Board of Nursing license suspended or revoked, and any additional license you have through the board, which could affect your current and future employment if you are found guilty of particular accusations.

Common Accusations Against Practicing North Carolina Nurses

There are many common accusations that nurses might face which could affect their professional licensure. For example, anytime that a nurse fails to report important and vital healthcare information to the appropriate supervisors and departments, fails to maintain appropriate and accurate documentation, breaches confidentiality, sleeps while on the job, neglects important job duties, abandons job duties or the clients and staff, engages in inappropriate verbal and/or physical interactions with clients, fails to supervise work duties and employees, fails to maintain Standards of Care, and/or exceeds their scope of practice and completes work outside of their scope of practice, then his or her professional nursing license through the North Carolina Board of Nursing is in jeopardy. Specifically speaking, these allegations can cause a practicing nurse to have their license suspended.

Sometimes, a nurse might engage in some of these acts without even knowing it and could still get in trouble with their license. For instance, if a nurse speaks with a family member who is not authorized to know about their patient’s health information and the nurse doesn’t know, the nurse is still technically breaching confidentiality. A lawsuit could arise which would result in the nurse having to fight to keep his or her license. This would be a proper time for the nurse to work together with a professional license defense attorney who will properly defend the practitioner and their license to keep their ability to work and safely practice.

In addition, if the nurse engages in such activity as theft, fraud, fraudulent prescription (including prescription for abusable and controlled substances), drug use and abuse, acts of crime, sexual misconduct, and/or works while under the influence or impaired, then their actions would definitely result in the suspension and potential revocation of their professional license if found guilty.

Here, working with a professional license defense lawyer would be extremely beneficial as these acts are considered inexcusable by the North Carolina Board of Nursing. So, a lawyer would be able to build your case exceptionally well to keep your license to practice protected, and this would be very difficult to do on your own without a lawyer.

So, What Will a Charlotte Professional License Defense Lawyer Do?

Lawyers and attorneys trained in professional license defense are ready to fight for you and your career.  They will guide you through the entire defense process and will have your back each step along the way, backing you up and building up your case.

The first step you will need to do is contact a professional license defense lawyer and talk them through the scenario you are in. Provide them with as much detail and information as possible and answer the questions they ask with as much detail as you can as well. Provide such information like:

  • What the incident, scenario, and/or accusation you are facing is
  • Any potential evidence or documentation
  • Current employment and employer information
  • Information about your past work history that relates to your field and your license
  • Any additional information you can think of

Your professional license defense lawyer will guide your along the grievance process and will connect with local agencies that need to be contacted as a result of your case and your personal situation. A court hearing might be needed, and if so, your lawyer will tell you everything you need to know about it so you can be prepared. They will also be your complete defense during the hearing so you can and will feel safe during what could be an uncomfortable situation for some.

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