What is the Difference Between Possession with Intent to Distribute and Drug Trafficking in North Carolina?

Charlotte, NC has many different felony drug charges. There are key differences between drug trafficking and drug possession with intent to distribute. It does not matter which charge you may be facing. You need the help of a drug lawyer. A drug lawyer can help you know what options are available for your defense.


Drug Trafficking

There is a difference between possession with intent to distribute and drug trafficking. In the simplest terms, drug traffic means a person will sell, deliver, move, or hold an excess amount of drugs. The weight of the drugs found by cops will determine if the charge is drug trafficking charge or not. The state listed these weights in the North Carolina Controlled Substances Act.

For marijuana or weed, NC law says that if the drugs weight more than 10 pounds, it is drug trafficking. Other weights include:

  • 1,000 tablets or more of methaqualone
  • 28 grams or more of Cocaine
  • 28 grams or more of meth
  • 4 grams or more of opium, including heroin
  • 100 pills or more of LSD

If you are up against a drug trafficking charge, you need the help of a drug attorney. A cop may not explain all of your options. You can learn what options are available to you and start planning a defense now.

In NC, there are so many factors in a drug trafficking charge a cop may have mishandled your situation. The amount of info on drug trafficking is overwhelming. The sentence for a drug crime including drug trafficking has various levels of felonies. The months of jail time can range from 25 to 279 months.


Involving Minors

If a cop thought that you had any intent to involve drug trafficking with minors, there are more consequences. Since a sale or intent to sell, is part of a drug trafficking charge the cop may use your setting to involve minors.

You might have extra issues to deal with if you were near a school. Judges often give very strict and harsh jail sentences when the issue involves minors. Even when you had no intent to sell, or be a part of drug trafficking, you need extra help in these situations.


Possession with Intent to Distribute in Charlotte, NC

This charge is one of the most common charges in NC. Many people who face this type of charge do not understand their situation. A cop may make possession with intent to distribute in Charlotte, NC seem like an easy charge. You may have the wrong charge against you. You should call a drug lawyer for help.

A lot of factors must be present for a possession with intent to distribute charge to stick. A person must have known they held a controlled substance and had the intention to sell or deliver it. A schedule I or II drugs may result in a Class H felony. But a Schedule III-VI drug may result in a Class I felony.

Your possession with intent to distribute charge may end in jail time. The jail time can range from 24 months to 39 months. But there are other concerns with a sentence. If you have prior drug charges, they may affect the outcome of this case.

North Carolina does not go easy on repeat charges. But, if you have a Charlotte criminal defense lawyer explaining your side you could have a better chance of knowing your options. Always get legal help for any drug charge.


Drug Lawyer in Charlotte, NC

Possession with intent to distribute or a drug trafficking charge can ruin your life. These charges are felonies. You will lose many freedoms on top of the jail time you might serve. Don’t let a cop scare you into thinking that you do not have any options.

Drug trafficking charges are made to seem bigger than they are on a daily basis. There are so many small bits of these charges that it is likely your case should not be drug trafficking. A drug lawyer can help you know if your situation was handled correctly or not.

A possession with intent to distribute charge may be a series of bad choices. You have options. A drug possession lawyer in Charlotte, NC can help you show that you did not have the intent to distribute. They can work with the facts of your case, and help you explain your side of the story. Get online or call to contact the Remington and Dixon Law Offices for help now.


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