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Should I Hire a Charlotte Pharmacist License Defense Lawyer?

The job of a pharmacist is one that is very demanding and it requires someone that is passionate about it. Pharmacists need to undergo serious training before they are certified to practice. However, before that happens, they also need a license to work. The permit serves as proof that they have all the necessary qualifications required for the job. Aside from having the license, just like in any other job, there is a code of conduct to follow. These are guidelines that dictate how pharmacists are required to conduct themselves at work and off work. What you do away from work may affect your performance. That is why it is so important to behave in a manner that is acceptable. There are instances where you find yourself charged with misconduct that may lead to your suspension. It is essential that you get yourself out of that situation as soon as possible. Doing this on your own without any knowledge of the law may be tough. That is why you need a Charlotte, NC license defense lawyer to help you in your case.

Violations That May Lead to Needing a Pharmacist License Defense Lawyer

Apart from general work misconduct, other situations may lead to the suspension of your license. These include:

  • DUI/DWI. While your arrest may happen when you are off the clock, the charge is severe enough to lead to suspension. You are never to drive while intoxicated since that could mean that you work while drunk.
  • If there is an accusation that you acquired your license through fraud, then it will be suspended. Also, fraudulent activities during work hours may get you charged. Again, you will face suspension of your license.
  • Wrong prescription. A customer might file a complaint if you gave them the wrong drug and it led to some negative effect. If that happens, you will receive a letter from the NC Board of Pharmacy seeking your response.
  • Prescription drugs abuse. This is illegal, and as a pharmacist, you know this. If someone files a complaint against you, there are serious repercussions. Your only hope is to get good defense from your attorney.
  • Disclosure of patient information. You are required by the code of conduct never to disclose information about patients. An accusation of this kind may lead you to lose your hard-earned job and career.

A defense attorney is knowledgeable of how to handle these types of cases, and that is why you need one. Your lawyer is in the best position to assist you in defending yourself.

What Happens If the NC Board of Pharmacy Receives a Complaint Against You?

You will receive a letter informing you of the complaint, and it will ask that you appear before the board. At this point, you should consult a defense lawyer to receive guidance on handling the case.

The first meeting will be a closed one where you get to tell your side of what happened. It is essential to do this correctly. Otherwise, you may find yourself in trouble. Your Charlotte, NC defense lawyer will help you learn what you can and cannot say. It is crucial that you do not incriminate yourself since that will be difficult to defend.

Ensure that you bring any evidence that will help your case. Just because it is an informal hearing doesn’t mean that it is not essential. The best thing you can do is to treat it as if it was the formal hearing. Therefore, you should also have your lawyer with you so he can advise you accordingly.

After this stage, some of the things may happen are:

  • The board may dismiss the case for lack of merit.
  • The board may dismiss the case for lack of resources or severity.
  • The board may choose to hear the case through to the end and issue appropriate punishment.
  • The board may refer the case to the attorney general.

How Pharmacy License Defense Lawyer Can Help Your Case

Any charge that reaches the NC Board of Pharmacy is severe enough to lead to the suspension of your license. As a result, you need to get a handle on things before the case goes too far. The best way to do this is by hiring a pharmacist defense attorney in Charlotte, NC. He can either help you present your argument or defend you. At Remington & Dixon PLLC we are ready to use our expertise and work to have the charges dropped. It doesn’t matter how severe the charges are. We are committed to preventing you from losing your license.

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