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The Difference Between Drug Trafficking and Possession with Intent in Charlotte, NC

Drug Trafficking Lawyer in Charlotte, North Carolina

Most people assume that drug trafficking and possession with intent are one and the same thing. While it is true that both offenses involve the intent to distribute illegal drugs, the penalties for the two offenses differ in Charlotte, North Carolina. In simple words, drug trafficking is generally determined based on the weight of the…

Remington & Dixon, PLLC Announce Huge Honor as Both Lawyers Named Rising Stars

Criminal Defense and Family Law Lawyers in Charlotte, North Carolina

Both attorneys K. Brandon Remington and Jennifer Dixon of announce honor of being named as 2018 Super Lawyers Rising Stars   FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Charlotte, NC) — K. Brandon Remington, criminal defense lawyer, and Jennifer Dixon, family law lawyer, from the Remington & Dixon law firm announce the tremendous honor they have received of being…

Do I Need a Charlotte Criminal Defense Attorney to Fight My Assault Charges?

Charlotte North Carolina Criminal Defense Attorney

When most people face serious charges, like assault, and risk spending time in jail or paying huge fines, they typically experience an emotional turmoil. Some may also oscillate between fear and anxiety, and anger and desire to revenge on the person who brought those charges to them. One cannot focus on learning about the law and…

What Does Charlotte Professional License Defense Before the NC Chiropractic Board Entail?

Charlotte North Carolina Professional License Defense Attorney

Chiropractors who receive complaints with the North Carolina Chiropractic Board of Examiners will receive notification of the complaint either in writing or directly from the Board’s investigator. As soon as they receive the notification, they should take time and decide whether to defend their interests on their own or hire a Charlotte professional license defense…

What Are the Main Steps of a Charlotte Professional License Defense Process?

Charlotte Professional License Defense Attorney NC

When a licensed North Carolina professional receives accusations that could cause the suspension or revocation of their license, the help of a Charlotte professional license defense attorney can make the difference between keeping their license and losing it temporarily or permanently. In most cases, the professional’s job or ability to earn a living depends on…

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