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What is the Difference Between Possession with Intent to Distribute and Drug Trafficking in North Carolina?

drug trafficking Charlotte, NC

Charlotte, NC has many different felony drug charges. There are key differences between drug trafficking and drug possession with intent to distribute. It does not matter which charge you may be facing. You need the help of a drug lawyer. A drug lawyer can help you know what options are available for your defense.  …

I Received a Complaint from the NC State Board of Chiropractic Examiners – How Can a Chiropractic License Defense Lawyer Help?

chiropractic license defense lawyer Charlotte NC

You spent a long time developing your skills and receiving your professional license in North Carolina to be a practicing chiropractor. This is your livelihood and you most likely enjoy helping others and providing them with a better quality of life through the work you do. But if someone has put in a complaint with…

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